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Yes, No, Yes, No... Believing in YOURSELF!

Am I making the right DECISION?

How often do you find yourself asking that question?

We want to make the right decision, and if you are anything like me, I don't want to miss out.

Something you have said yes to and inside you are saying no!

In a day, how many choices do we make conscious and unconscious?

It can be as simple as being out for dinner and choosing a dish off the menu (not getting food FOMO), to changing your job, moving on from a relationship and Life in general!

You know that right now you don't want to rock the boat, BUT it just keeps coming up, a niggling, a sensation, a feeling, an awareness that NO this isn't for you.

Like most of us, I can talk myself into anything, and will probably make it work! The question is "for how long"?

What I know about myself is that if I am questioning what I am about to embark on in the beginning stage, trust me it will come up again and again and again until I know I have to do something about it.

Once I worked out that Life is full of choices, Life became a whole lot lighter to navigate, and feeling that sense of freedom.

So how does it work?

If we break it down minute by minute, and not make it, that it is about getting it right or wrong, it is about making the best choice at the time.

And if need be course correct as and when needed. That's the formula that works for me!

As I go on my journey learning to trust my intuition; stepping into the unknown, and have the confidence in myself, I am excited to know what is around the corner waiting for ME!

What's waiting for you, are ready to find out?

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