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Look Good, Feel Great

Embrace your feminine essence, your authentic self...

We all want to look good and feel great and sometimes we just need a helping hand to get passed what is holding us back.


Regardless of age or stage of transition… it’s not easy!


Too often I’ve witnessed wonderful people getting stuck and feeling confused because they’ve only “fixed” one part of the challenge, which is to transform the physical aspect, yet forgotten to focus on the deeper, hidden aspect, the inner work; self love. This means learning to fully embrace all aspects of yourself and who you really are, including all your quirks and human flaws (we all have them!).

It is crucial to be able to step forward in life feeling empowered because when you do the important inner work and align your fashion to your unique character and style, you become totally transformed, radiating confidence from the inside out.


Be your authentic self.

Radiate confidence from the inside out.

Shine your feminine light!


This is a powerful combination that will change your life for the better and as an Empowerment Coach & Stylist, let me help you to look good and feel great!

Through empowerment coaching and styling with me, you will:


So that you can step out fully with pride and power and integrate into society, both professionally and personally



Be confident in how to dress, find your signature style and claim your unique look so that you can light up any room you walk into



Learn the inside secrets to dress, walk, act and apply makeup correctly so that you can boldly own the new you

Lady H is a wonderful, warm hearted, positive person who believes in our capability to succeed. She develops detailed plans for each client, which encompass 360 degrees of our new lives.

For myself, it was the transition professionally I sought help in, as I did not know where to even start, and as a doctor I would be expected to know basic etiquette and dress smartly, things a cisgender woman learns over decades.

After 6 sessions over 8 weeks or so I feel much more confident that people will see the true me and my abilities as a physician rather than having first impressions focused on things I could have fixed or should have known.

She cares deeply for her clients and celebrates our successes with us, as well as giving us the ability to ask all those questions we never could.

The time frame is right as well, as any shorter and it would feel rushed, any longer and things would get forgotten. In short, I cannot say enough good things about my services with Lady H, and am so glad that I engaged her when I did.


-Tiffany Alexis

'Helena’s level of professionalism and attention to detail is beyond any mentor or coach I have had throughout not only my personal life but also within my working career'. 


– Dawn

Helena was approachable and honest. I found her ability

to get through the rubbish I had put up as barriers refreshing.

I highly recommend Her.


'Change is challenging, Helena makes it less so with her warmth and genuine passion. She puts people at ease with her open, honest communication and is committed to making your experience, fulfilling and worthwhile'. 


– Lesley

“How do you thank someone who has taken you

from crayons to perfume?”
I’m the person I am becoming because of Lady H.

I can’t thank her enough for the gift she has

given me. she gave me the skills to figure out

who the real me was and how to get there.
she has taken me from crayons to perfume!


- Sarah

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