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We all love a bargain...

Most people go shopping without a plan and or what I call 'HOPE' shopping.

What is HOPE shopping?... hoping to find that perfect piece for a special occasion, wanting something new, or feeling like a revamp, maybe a new style?


It is so easy to get seduced by dazzling image photography, perfect sized models, in-store promotions, new seasons colours, latest styles and the price????

So how do you STOP?

Selecting Colours that DO NOT work for you

Buying the wrong fit and or style for YOU

Buying something similar to what you already have (comfort shopping)

Wasting money – my friend recently bought a dress that cost $377 and still today has never worn. When I asked her why she selected that dress, she said it was on sale!

Does that sound familiar?

By going INTENTIONAL shopping you have a newfound confidence, a plan, a direction, and we want you to have fun + be open to exploring…

So how do you start?

First, we need to go back to the basics, start at the beginning...

Your Foundation to dressing.

1. Confidence

2. Know your body shape 3. Know what colours make you pop and sparkle 4. Know how to create your style Imagine going shopping with more confidence, making smarter purchases, clothing that you can mix and match and saving money. With this information, no more HOPE shopping. You'll be INTENTIONAL shopping.

Happy shopping!

Lady H xx

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