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CHANGE = An act or process through which something becomes different 

"It's important with all of the messages that might tell you otherwise that you have that in yourself to say that 'I am beautiful. I am smart and I'm amazing.'" Laverne Cox

What if you accepted and loved your body?

What would the new you look like?

What if you found a NEW YOU that you fell in love with?

Here's the thing, change is not a date on a calendar. 

Your potential to change is within you, and it's your commitment to taking action that brings about sustainable life changes.

Commitment is a concept many people find terrifying. Can you imagine what it would be like to be committed to actualising the new you? Where you transcended any fears?

By committing AND taking action, you create momentum. You bring your life back into balance. 

Before you felt everything was out of whack, and now you feel everything is back where it should be. 

You feel accomplished and full of possibility because the action you took started a snowball of momentum, causing great things to happen in your life.

It takes three steps:

1) Decide what you want (this can be harder than it seems. Get clear).

2) Work out what the first action step is (even a baby step is enough).

3) Do it!

So, go for your dreams, be bold and adventurous. 

Start to imagine the new you. 

Want help to take the first step? 

Let's talk!

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