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Your go to's, Your staples, Your favourites!

Fashion trends come and go, but your key pieces are your go to's, your staples and foundation that gives you options to explore and get creative with your styles.

Some clients say they just don't like shopping or they can never find what they want. The first step is simple and will save you so much money. Knowing your body shape and colours that make you pop and sparkle stops what I call "hope" shopping.

Focusing with confidence in the styles and colours that work for YOU makes your shopping experience far more enjoyable and helps create and develop your original, unique style.

As I wrote this article, I had to think hard because I have collected so many favourite pieces over the years that I mix and match together – so let's kick off with ten suggestions to get you started.

Don't limit yourself to your usual stores, explore them all from high end, city chic to recycle boutiques, remember these are investments.

Favourite Key Pieces 1. A trench coat that is functional and timeless.

2. Wide leg trousers, pair with sneakers or heels.

3. Black Blazer which works with a slim pant or a cocktail dress to jeans – a fitted blazer will give you a feminine look and carry you through any occasion.

4. The Little Black Dress – a wardrobe staple, keep it simple, less is best for work. For an evening out a change of shoes and a statement necklace will work wonders.

5. Kitten Heel – the classic, stylish wear-anywhere one or two-inch heel.

6. Real Leather bag and if you are like me, you may have a selection of sizes and colours that you have collected over the years. Remember if it is a big bag you do not have to fill it to its maximum. Black is classic, or colour will make a statement.

7. White bottom down shirt – always look great with jeans or a skirt – a signature look from Marilyn Monroe, keep them looking fresh and sharp, don't over-bleach and if you find a style you like buy two.

8. Bright Accessories – If you have a closet full of black or neutrals: be it navy, camel or greys then add a splash of colour with bold shoes, necklaces and bags. They do not have to be matching as long as they are complementary colours. To black lovers, its time to be daring!

9. Scarves and Wraps – We love them all. The ultimate accessory which comes in all sizes, fabrics and colours. Transform your look in so many different ways with this versatile creation.

10. The Classic Black Leather Boot – there are so many styles on the market. Good quality leather will age well; I like boots that can be re-soled.

The next steps, time, for an inspection and a closet detox. Keep your classics and then stick to the general rule of thumb if you haven't worn it in a year then sell it, donate it or throw it.

Know what's in your wardrobe, so you do not end up buying a similar item.

Make a list of your classic items or save photos on your phone, a reminder of what you have already got, and it is helpful when you are out and about finding your next pieces.

Happy shopping!

Want to find out more. Let's talk.

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