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New You Resolution - Love Your Body = Awaken + Ignite + Transform

At the end of every year, and as the new year approaches so many of us vow to change our vices and lose a few kilos.

Ask yourself how many years has this been the case?

What if you resolved instead to change the way you look at your body?

Rather than complaining about the size of your bum, tummy, breasts, chin, nose, hair, wobbly bits, how about looking at yourself in a different light. By being kinder, changing your perspective, even be grateful for what you have and gratitude for your body because if you think about it, it is amazing!

When I ask my clients what they love about their bodies, I invariably get told what they ‘hate’ (strong word!) about their bodies – funny that wasn’t the question!

So I repeat it, and for many people, this is a confronting question. We are so programmed to judge and be negative about ourselves and let that not so loveable inner critic take over – even worst we seem to believe it! Time to stop that, take action; just one step can make a change.

Here is my challenge to you all.

For one month in front of the mirror, stand naked and look at yourself.


Instead of finding every negative thing on your body from head to toe, embrace every single aspect of your body. It will only take a few minutes to scan your body and praise every last feature. Take the time; you are worth it.

Here are a couple of sentences to kick start you!

  1. I love how my body is because ……..

  2. My body gives me the freedom to ………….

  3. I am grateful for my body that it can……….

  4. I will be kind to my body and acknowledge it daily for ……….

Yes, I am aware this exercise will be uncomfortable, awkward and confronting – push through these feelings and emotions – you just might be surprised at what you discover and grow to love your body!

Happy new-you resolution!

Let’s talk; it’s only a conversation.

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