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Lint, Pills, and Stray Threads

Some fabrics seem to be a magnetic to lint, fluff, pet hair, human hair and and and.

Certain fabrics tend to “pill”, or shed little fuzzies all over themselves. A simple way to clean this fuzz off with a disposable razor or you can buy de-pillars in stores such as SpotLight and some supermarkets.

Lint/Fluff removers

This lint roller has a range of uses and is a handy item to have in several locations, home, office and car. You will find rollers at a variety of stores such as Supermarkets, Mitro 10, Plackmakers, K Mart, Dry Cleaners etc. The roller is economical and easy to use, roll over the area and remove used tape and you are ready to go again.

Missing Buttons and Threads

Have a sewing kit handy – you can buy one that comes with a selection of different coloured threads to cover the basics. It only takes a few minutes to sew on a missing button, don’t wait till you lose the button. I save the extra buttons that come with clothing; that way, I always have a small selection handy when I need it.

Loose Threads

Do not pull them, use scissors to snip the thread off or sometimes I will burn the thread down. Please watch you do not burn your item.

If I have a loose thread or a pull in a sweater or other knitted style garments, I will push the loose thread through an opening in the knit weave to the reverse side using a needle. The loose thread is still there, but it is not visible because it is on the inside of the garment as it is worn. You may need to darn the thread to secure the thread running.

If you are rushing out the door and need a quick fix, paint clear nail polish over a loose button thread to temporarily stop it from unravelling.

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