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Job Interviews – Who doesn’t want to make the best impression?

For most, going to a new job interview can be confronting, awkward and uncomfortable in today’s competitive market. Being that well-dressed candidate can make all the difference. Let me share a couple of tips that will help you stand out from the rest? Firstly, take the time to research the company or employer. Find out about the company, what it is, what it does, its ethos and its history and don’t forget to write down any questions you may have. Information is power, and your interviewer will be impressed. What do I wear? Your research will give you a pretty good idea of the companies expected business dress. Dress smart in a suit or smart-casual clothes. Take the time to think about what you are going to wear. I recommend you prepare the night before; you will welcome the ease and no stress in the morning. Have your selected clean clothes ironed and or pressed, check clothing and remove any lint such dog/cat hairs, cut any loose threads and sew on missing buttons. Ladies, nothing revealing – a friend of mine says “If I can see up it, down it, or through it, it is not suitable for work.” Men should be clean-shaven, and for those with a beard, my recommendation is loose it, (if beards fit the company ethos ensure your beard is well-groomed). Don’t let it be the thing that lost you the job! Clothing that is too tight or too loose never looks good. Make sure your clothes fit well; your aftershave or perfume is subtle; your shoes are well maintained and polished. Ensure your hair and makeup offer a clean, fresh appearance and your jewellery, keep to a minimum. Remember the “less is best” rule! To avoid “dry-mouth syndrome” take a drink of water just before the interview. Smile when you enter the room and be aware of keeping your posture upright. Slouching will leave a bad impression. Now for the “handshake,” shake it firmly as a sign of confidence and composure. I always wait to be invited to sit down by the interviewers. I wish you every success in your interview. Want to find out more? Let's talk.

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