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Have you ever smelt a scent on someone and thought to yourself that's it,

I love that, what is it?

That's my new fragrance!


Have you ever walked into a room, socially or someone's home and the smell of the fragrance was overwhelming, to the point you thought EWW YUK!

Well, let's talk about scents.

Firstly, finding the right scent for you. Think fresh and natural, not too heavy or too sweet, powdery or dry, geez it sounds like a wine tasting!

Even though your friend's fragrance is just right, it doesn't mean it is your just right.

Take some time to find your scent.

A little bit of knowledge will go a long way.

Finding your signature fragrance is finding the one you like, that is personal to you, that only people who know you or come close to you notice it. A simple rule to remember is that when wearing your fragrance, it should not enter the room before you, nor should the whole room smell of it. Now, I know you love your fragrance but don't go overboard when applying it, even the worlds most expensive perfume can smell cheap when overdone.

Let's take a look at a Fragrance Wheel, ok, first, what is a Fragrance Wheel?

Perfume expert Michael Edwards development the fragrance wheel showing the different scent families and subfamilies. The pictures make it easy to read and understand. You will see the scents are grouped based on their similarities and differences to show their relationship to one another. Then you have the scent groups that border each other and share common olfactory personalities, and then the others that are further away from one another, meaningless related.

Tips & Tricks to find Your Signature Scent

  • Fragrance trend, just like fashion, follow what you like, not just what's hot!

  • Sniffing tests. Start with lighter scents first – Go from musky to citrus to fruity florals into heavier woods.

  • I suggest limiting yourself to 3 fragrance tests at one session, trust me your smell sense will be getting a workout, and you don't want to send it into overwhelm.

  • Blotter paper test first and pick the one that stands out to test on yourself.

  • Spray on your pulse points - your skin is naturally warm on pulse points, your wrist or inner wrist or elbow, the fragrance will heat up and reveal itself over time.

  • First impressions are very different from once the scent settles. Allow time (four hours) for the scent to evolve. Check-in every 20 minutes or so, and notice the changes.

  • Don't be influenced by the bottle and branding.

  • Go with what naturally appeals to your style and sense.

  • Not 100%, want a trial run first? Some stores have samples sizes or failing that, buy the travel size first.

Now that's out of the way how to apply Your Fragrance.

Spray a little (I mean a little) in the air in front of you and walk into it – this will give you a more subtle effect than spraying or dabbing on your pulse point.

Oh, and if you do accidentally spray too much, a baby wipe works magic to take it off. Don't add more, remember if you can't smell it you probably have enough lingering – wait 15mintues and check again or check in with someone.

The hairbrush is an old favourite, spray the scent (a little please) onto your hairbrush and brush through your hair. Hair subtly carries scents offering a smell that is not overpowering and simply delicious.

These days our lotions and potions are competing for and offering fabulous smells—especially hairs products and body moisturisers. Watch out that you don't double-dip; it can be too much!

Happy shopping, trust your nose and follow your instincts!

Lady H xx

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