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Better Sex to Grey Pubic Hair

Our bodies after 30, 40, 50's?

I was reflecting the other day on a conversation I had about our bodies in the 20s and how we perceived we looked?

Recently I was out with a group of ladies, and we were talking about who still wore a bikini and who didn't.

Yes, an exciting topic and reasons were presented for and against bikinis.

The common thread amongst us all was not about whether we wore a bikini now it was that in our 20s we didn't acknowledge how great we looked in general.

Only looking back at past photo's we could then accept that we weren't half bad in that bikini, a pair of shorts or skirt.

Our 20s seem a time when we are unstoppable, although not void of negative body image. Our next decades present most of us as with unexpected body issues that confirm we are moving from young adulthood to middle age.

The mutual feeling was that as we move through our decade's, we become more established in our career, comfortable in our skin and our life purpose; however, body image – comparison and judging ourselves and our bodies do not stop.

Our bodies after 30.....

1. Your periods get a little weird

2. Common shower find – Grey pubic hair!

3. You gain a bit of weight

4. When you sneeze, laugh, cough, run or jump you sometimes pee!

5. Better Sex – We have fewer inhibitions about asking for what we want!

Isn't it time:

ACCEPTANCE – Stop comparing and judging with others and acknowledge yourself!

RESPONSIBILITY – Own who you are and if you want to change – commit to it!

ACTION – What is it going to take, to take the first steps?

If you have any concerns, don't be shy, check in with your doctor as there is more and more awareness and help available. If you don't go and ask you won't know!

Let's talk; it's only a conversation.

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